Franchise Opportunities in Sydney

In the Market for a Tasty Franchise Opportunity?

Doesn’t it sound nice to be your own boss, contribute to your local economy, and serve delicious food to your customers every day? Check out Jon Smith Subs’ franchise opportunities in Sydney!

Sydneysiders know that this is a city full of possibility! With dozens of neighborhoods, a thriving economy, and an exciting way of life, Sydney represents all the good that Australia has to offer. Open a Jon Smith Subs franchise in Sydney!

Rich History and Bright Future

Sydney’s rich history provides the perfect backdrop for the thriving city it has become. Inhabited by indigenous Australians for at least 30,000 years, the greater Sydney region is rich in Aboriginal sites, including rock art, engravings, and other areas of archeological interest.

One of the most populous cities in Australia, Sydney is an economic powerhouse, and the city is set on keeping it that way. Helping business is just a way of life in Sydney, where the government has started a 10-year infrastructure program that will invest $1.9 billion in things like a light rail and pedestrian-friendly zones, which are a dream come true for a sandwich shop that thrives on high foot traffic passing by. Franchise opportunities in Sydney are everywhere as the city is constantly growing and improving.

Available Markets in Sydney

  • Paddington
  • Elizabeth Bay
  • Darlinghurst
  • Bondi
  • Alexandria
  • Double Bay
  • Surry Hills
  • Many more!

Fast Paced Eats

With everything in Sydney moving at a fast pace – from commuting Sydneysiders to sightseeing tourists – food needs to be both fast and gourmet. This is not an easy feat for many restaurants, but Jon Smith Subs is the perfect fit, with our unique menu of grilled-to-order meats and fresh ingredients filling our overstuffed subs. Franchise opportunities in Sydney will succeed.

Experience Sydney

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, there is always something to do in Sydney. From the world’s largest natural harbor to the iconic Sydney Opera House, Sydney’s more than 70 km are chock full of fun, unique, and exciting things. Jon Smith Subs’ unique approach to sandwiches fits in perfectly in this fast-paced city full of delicious food.

Franchisee Support

Jon Smith Subs is backed by United Franchise Group, a brand management company with thousands of franchises all over the world. With the full weight of the brand behind you, you will enjoy numerous support resources including:

  • A franchise development team located in Australia
  • Assistance finding a prime location
  • Training before you open your sandwich shop
  • Grand opening support
  • A system proven to succeed in diverse locations

Do you have what it takes to take advantage of Jon Smith Subs franchise opportunities in Sydney? Get in touch with us to find out! You may be able to meet up with a local member of our team who can walk you through the requirements to own a Jon Smith Subs franchise in Sydney.