There is a lot to consider when you are buying a sub shop, but one of the most import decisions is the territory your shop will be opening in. There’s a lot that factors into a perfect territory for a sub shop, especially a Jon Smith Subs franchise. The territory a sub franchise is in seems to have a correlation to the success of the business, so it is imperative to keep these factors in mind when determining the location of your Jon Smith Subs franchise.

buying a sub shop

Competition for Buying a Sub Shop

There are a lot of sub shops in Australia. In fact, according to IBISWorld, there are approximately 400 all across the country. In order to outshine them and attract customers, you need to have a name on your sign that people already know. People all around the world know Jon Smith Subs, and they know the quality to expect when they come through your doors. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, your selected territory should potentially put you on top of the competition, and with the training and support from the brand, you should have what you need to keep your doors open and stay open.

The training and support that Jon Smith Subs offers makes buying a sub shop easy and a better overall investment. Jon Smith Subs offers franchisees in-person training at their headquarters in Florida, U.S.A, to help them learn more about the industry and find the right territory for them. In addition, the brand offers ongoing support, so if there is any fear of competition within the territory, someone from the brand will be there to help.


Your new sub shop territory should have a specific demographic that has a certain population. This may be near an office park, on a main road with cars going by, downtown with a lot of foot traffic, or someplace else. Regardless, there should be a certain amount of people populated in the area that bring a lot of traffic, by foot or automobile, to the area your franchise is. Most people love subs and sandwiches, so by bringing their favorites closer to them, they will go the extra mile to come through your doors.

Customers choose franchises like Jon Smith Subs because they like the consistency at every location. Each franchise shares a business model, which means that the customer experience and the quality of service are similar at every location around the world.


When you are buying a sub shop, doing research to find the right building is an important aspect of the territory as well. While searching for the right building, it is important to keep in mind that you now own a fast-casual restaurant that is competing with other food options in your territory. The best buildings for your franchise may be ones that have no other food options in them or at least different ones from your own. Two similar eateries within minutes of each other could lead to decreased profitability for both establishments, so avoiding other sub and sandwich shops is strongly advised.

Another important aspect of the building is that it should be a front-facing establishment that has the ability to display a sign toward a main road or other buildings for potential customers to see. The idea of a Jon Smith Subs is to bring quality subs with fresh ingredients to people who want them. If a storefront is hidden or hard to find, the potential customers may keep on driving and choose a competitor for their next meal.

Buying a sub shop is an excellent business opportunity, and with a brand like Jon Smith Subs behind you, you will be able to find a territory that is convenient for you to get to while also having a demographic that could lead to success. Jon Smith Subs offers training and support with the investment to help you get started with your franchise, and through your own research and understanding of Australia’s sub and sandwich needs, you will be able to find the perfect territory and location for you and your franchise.

If you’re thinking of buying a sub shop, find an available target market near you for a Jon Smith Subs franchise.