3 Territory Ideas When Buying a Sub Shop

There is a lot to consider when you are buying a sub shop, but one of the most import decisions is the territory your shop will be opening in. There’s a lot that factors into a perfect territory for a sub shop, especially a Jon Smith Subs franchise. The territory a sub franchise is in seems to have a correlation to the success of the business, so it is imperative to keep these factors in mind when determining the location of your Jon Smith Subs franchise.

buying a sub shop

Competition for Buying a Sub Shop

There are a lot of sub shops in Australia. In fact, according to IBISWorld, there are approximately 400 all across the country. In order to outshine them and attract customers, you need to have a name on your sign that people already know. People all around the world know Jon Smith Subs, and they know the quality to expect when they come through your doors. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, your selected territory should potentially put you on top of the competition, and with the training and support from the brand, you should have what you need to keep your doors open and stay open.

The training and support that Jon Smith Subs offers makes buying a sub shop easy and a better overall investment. Jon Smith Subs offers franchisees in-person training at their headquarters in Florida, U.S.A, to help them learn more about the industry and find the right territory for them. In addition, the brand offers ongoing support, so if there is any fear of competition within the territory, someone from the brand will be there to help.


Your new sub shop territory should have a specific demographic that has a certain population. This may be near an office park, on a main road with cars going by, downtown with a lot of foot traffic, or someplace else. Regardless, there should be a certain amount of people populated in the area that bring a lot of traffic, by foot or automobile, to the area your franchise is. Most people love subs and sandwiches, so by bringing their favorites closer to them, they will go the extra mile to come through your doors.

Customers choose franchises like Jon Smith Subs because they like the consistency at every location. Each franchise shares a business model, which means that the customer experience and the quality of service are similar at every location around the world.


When you are buying a sub shop, doing research to find the right building is an important aspect of the territory as well. While searching for the right building, it is important to keep in mind that you now own a fast-casual restaurant that is competing with other food options in your territory. The best buildings for your franchise may be ones that have no other food options in them or at least different ones from your own. Two similar eateries within minutes of each other could lead to decreased profitability for both establishments, so avoiding other sub and sandwich shops is strongly advised.

Another important aspect of the building is that it should be a front-facing establishment that has the ability to display a sign toward a main road or other buildings for potential customers to see. The idea of a Jon Smith Subs is to bring quality subs with fresh ingredients to people who want them. If a storefront is hidden or hard to find, the potential customers may keep on driving and choose a competitor for their next meal.

Buying a sub shop is an excellent business opportunity, and with a brand like Jon Smith Subs behind you, you will be able to find a territory that is convenient for you to get to while also having a demographic that could lead to success. Jon Smith Subs offers training and support with the investment to help you get started with your franchise, and through your own research and understanding of Australia’s sub and sandwich needs, you will be able to find the perfect territory and location for you and your franchise.

If you’re thinking of buying a sub shop, find an available target market near you for a Jon Smith Subs franchise.

Why Should You Buy Into a Well-Known Sub Sandwich Restaurant Chain?

It is no secret that the franchising sector is growing dramatically, but have you ever wondered why it is becoming a popular option across multiple different industries? Well-known chains beat out competition more often than not, whether it is because of the consistency, the prices, the atmosphere, or something greater. The same holds true for restaurant chains.

Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are the “strongest and most dynamic franchise sector” in the restaurant industry, according to Forbes magazine. What this means is that customers choose franchises often over small, independently-owned restaurants, which is why investing in a well-known sub sandwich restaurant chain like Jon Smith Subs may be the better opportunity as the franchise sector continues to grow. Jon Smith Subs and other QSR franchisees recognize the benefits of investing in a restaurant chain, and here are just a few of them.

sub sandwich restaurant chain

The Recognition

Customers like consistency when it comes to their subs and sandwiches. Rarely will someone go to a restaurant without knowing exactly what is on the menu, feeling confident that the establishment will actually have something they will like. With a sub sandwich restaurant chain like Jon Smith Subs, customers know exactly what they can get for a quality price, no matter the location.

In addition to menu items, customers know what the inside will be like as well. With a chain, they have a general sense of the atmosphere they can expect when they walk through the front door and the kind of experience they will have. Jon Smith Subs and other chains care a lot about the experience customers have at a location, so maintaining the consistency is something very important to the brand and what it represents.

The Independence

With a sub sandwich restaurant chain, you are still running your own restaurant. Franchise opportunities like Jon Smith Subs give franchisees the essence of independence and freedom while running a restaurant with an included business model that has been tested and proven to work and well-known brand behind them. These contribute to the likeliness of success with a franchise, and the business model speaks for itself, considering several successful franchisees have followed the same guidelines.

The Price

The investment in a sub sandwich chain eliminates a lot of unnecessary costs that may be associated with an independently-owned restaurant. Jon Smith Subs offers a turnkey investment, which means it is a complete package that comes with things beyond just the restaurant itself. Jon Smith Subs offers training, support, negotiation tools, menu assistance, marketing tools, and more to make sure franchisees have a better likelihood for success with their franchise.

The Benefits of a Sub Sandwich Restaurant Chain

Investing in a chain provides a lot of additional benefits that an independent restaurant won’t have. For starters, it brings a franchisee into the QSR sector of the franchise industry, which has proven to be extremely profitable. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, you receive training and support so that you have the knowledge you need to be successful in such a vast but competitive industry, and a brand behind you to help you with any issues that may arise. With the training, support, target markets, and more that you get with a sub sandwich restaurant chain like Jon Smith Subs, you know you are getting the most out of your investment.

Learn more about the opportunity to open a sub sandwich restaurant chain through Jon Smith Subs.

What Makes Jon Smith Subs Different?

Franchising is becoming a more popular career path for entrepreneurs because of the security, flexibility, and stability a franchise can provide over a small business. The restaurant industry is thriving, and fast-casual franchises such as Jon Smith Subs are carving out a niche that could prove to be profitable. Sub franchises are on a rise and independently-owned sandwich shops are failing to compete in terms of profitability and popularity. Here is what makes owning  Jon Smith Subs franchise different than running a sub sandwich restaurant.

running a sub sandwich restaurant

A Brand Identity That Is Already Established

Creating a brand identity is very imperative for a successful business, but it can be very challenging as well. A brand identity encompasses everything about a specific business or brand. This includes the products, logo, tagline, and services that the business creates to display and promote themselves to the public. However, creating one is only half the battle. Even after countless hours of establishing a brand identity, customers still won’t know who you are when you’re running a sub sandwich restaurant without a recognised name behind you.

Jon Smith Subs is different because it has an established name that customers know and trust. Customers choose to go to a recognisable brand for their subs and sandwiches because they like consistency and knowing exactly what will be on the menu no matter where they go. They do not often want to take the risk of choosing someplace new that possibly could not have the items they like.

With a brand identity that has already been predetermined with a franchise, you will have more time to focus on other aspects of the business and day-to-day operations and less time worrying about establishing your brand and finding customers to come through your doors.

An Investment That Is Clear

If you choose to start a business from scratch, you are buying something that may cost more than you anticipated. With no support behind you, there might be a lot of surprises that come up while you’re running a sub sandwich restaurant that can be costly. This can decrease your profitability and may even cost the business in the long run. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, before you even invest you can see all the costs associated with opening one. These costs are part of the turnkey investment that Jon Smith Subs offers to franchisees that makes owning a sub sandwich franchise much easier than doing it alone.

In addition, buying an independently-owned restaurant means all you get is the restaurant. When you invest in a Jon Smith Subs, you receive more than just the restaurant. You get in-person training and ongoing support to help you toward a track more apt for success with a sub shop. In addition, Jon Smith Subs has marketing materials and other resources, so franchisees have everything they need to open a sub sandwich restaurant they can be proud of.

A Franchise Dedicated to the Customer Experience

Jon Smith Subs cares about their customers’ experience when they come to their local franchise. They notice the dedication to the quality, the freshness of the menu, and the friendliness of the service that is seen at all of our franchises around the world. Customers keep coming back for the quick service and casual atmosphere that fits any occasion whether it be a quick bite to grab and go or a sit-down gathering for friends and family. They love everything about Jon Smith Subs, and, through franchising, Jon Smith Subs can bring their brand anywhere customers need them.

Why Owning a Franchise Is Better Than Running a Sub Sandwich Restaurant

Opening a Jon Smith Subs franchise is different than running a sub sandwich restaurant on your own, and it can prove to be the better investment of your time and money. With a clearly outlined turnkey investment, established brand identity, and dedication to the customer’s experience, Jon Smith Subs proves to have a recipe more poised for success than starting a business from scratch may have. Jon Smith Subs proves to be an opportunity that is dedicated to enhancing franchisees’ chances of profitability through training and support and helps them bring consistent, quality subs and sandwiches to almost any country around the world.

For more information about running a sub sandwich restaurant with Jon Smith Subs and the target markets near you, visit our website.

From Corporate to Franchising: How to Make the Transition

Sometimes when you see a sandwich business opportunity, you just have to take it. Perhaps it is time to make the switch from the business world to the franchising arena. You may be thinking that old habits die hard, and making the switch may be very difficult, but franchise brands like Jon Smith Subs make it easy to help you through the transition. Whether you come from a long background of restaurant experience or not, a sub franchise may be the right career for you, and here are three reasons why.

You Get to Be Your Own Boss

In the corporate world, there is almost always someone above you to tell you what to do. With a sandwich franchise, you don’t have a boss or manager over you to tell you what to do every day. You have control over the day-to-day operations to make sure that your franchise is best representing the brand in everything you do. In addition, you have control over hiring a dedicated team to help you with your franchise and make sure that your investment will be poised for success.

sandwich business opportunity

Investing in a Sandwich Business Opportunity Is Better Than Starting a New One

With a sandwich franchise, you know exactly what your investment is going towards and what you get as a result. Jon Smith Subs and other franchises break down the costs of the investment to show where all the money goes. This gives the franchisees the peace of mind in knowing there will be no surprises. With a new sandwich shop, there is no clear guide to the costs and how much time and money you will need to put in. It is a risky investment, and in a highly competitive industry, it may prove to be more challenging than you think.

The investment in a franchise comes with benefits as well such as training and support, which you get to take advantage of before you even set foot in your franchise to learn the ins and outs of it, and target markets to help you find a location near you that has been researched to be perfect for a sub franchise.

A Recognizable Brand Can Go a Long Way

There are many differentiating factors between a franchise and a small business, but the biggest is probably brand recognition. When it comes to sandwiches, customers like to know exactly what to expect on the menu. They are hungry and want quality food, fast. This is why customers choose Jon Smith Subs over other small sub shops. They like that they can come inside and know exactly what will be on the menu no matter what location they go to. Just having a recognizable brand isn’t enough to make customers come inside though; customers choose a restaurant they trust that uses quality ingredients and has a good reputation. If you are coming from the corporate world, you understand that customer relationships involve a lot of trust in any product or service, and the same is with a sandwich business.

Making the Transition

You may be wondering how you can make the switch from the corporate world to franchising. With the right brand to provide training, resources, and support, you will be able to invest in a sandwich business opportunity that you will be proud of and happy to spend time in every day. Jon Smith Subs has franchise opportunities for anyone who is passionate about franchising in the restaurant industry.

For more information about Jon Smith Subs franchises and finding the right sandwich business opportunity for you, visit our resource library for free downloadable content. 

Are You Cut Out for Franchising? Find Out Here!

Are you searching for a sandwich business for sale that you could own and run? It may sound like a great idea, and the industry is booming, but starting a business from scratch is always a risk, whereas a franchise provides many benefits that can help you become successful with a sub shop. A sub franchise may be the perfect opportunity for you if you are looking to buy a sandwich business. Jon Smith Subs and other franchise brands offer the ability to own your own sub business while operating under a recognizable brand name that customers know and trust. Franchising isn’t for everyone, but with the right qualities and mindset, you may be cut out for owning a sub franchise with Jon Smith Subs. Check out these four qualities that go into being a great Jon Smith Subs franchisee and why you may be the perfect candidate.

A Franchisee Must Have a Passion for The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry has a net worth of $780 billion and is only expected to grow. According to Franchise Direct, QSR franchises, which is what Jon Smith Subs is, lead the industry in terms of establishment growth. Despite it being so rich, it is also extremely competitive. If you were to buy a sandwich business for sale, the amount of time and effort it would take to get it up and running would put you behind the competition, and even then, your business may not bring anything new or exciting to the industry that would make customers choose you over any other business. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, customers know exactly what they are going to get when they walk through the door at any location.

Sandwich Business For Sale

A Franchisee Should Know About the Investment

Whether you buy a sandwich business for sale or invest in a franchise, you need to have enough money to make sure you can get it up and running. With a sub franchise through Jon Smith Subs, you know exactly what the costs are and what the money is going towards. A small sub business that you may buy won’t be so clearly outlined, and it may actually cost you more money than a franchise investment because of the problems you could run into.

Knowing the value of the investment is important when deciding on a sub franchise opportunity. A quality franchise will include resources such as training, support, marketing materials, location assistance, and more with the investment to ensure that franchisees have everything they need to pursue success in the restaurant industry. Jon Smith Subs offers training and support for franchisees, as well as target markets which are researched territories, where the franchise team has determined will be more optimal for customers. Buying a sandwich shop for sale won’t give you these benefits, and without them, the time and money you have invested may prove to be wasted.

A Franchisee Understands the Importance of Choosing the Right Brand

Investing in a franchise can prove to have a lot of benefits, but only if you choose the right brand to invest in. The best way to judge what a brand stands for and their dedication to the franchise is through the resources they provide franchisees and the products they serve to their customers. Jon Smith Subs has a resource library that has free materials for future and current franchisees to learn more about the industry, the products, and better practices about running a franchise. In addition, Jon Smith Subs has a dedication to the quality and the freshness of the products they serve to customers. Many people choose a sub shop based on the quality of products and the variety that their menu offers. Jon Smith Subs knows this, which is why our food has a quality customers can taste, and clean and comfortable atmosphere that brings them back time and time again.

A Franchisee Does NOT Need Prior Restaurant or Sub Shop Experience

If you were to buy a sandwich business for sale and run it yourself, you need to have a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience in the industry. One of the best things about investing in a sub franchise is that there is a brand behind you to help you when it comes to your franchise. You do not need to have prior restaurant experience to invest in a Jon Smith Subs franchise. If you do have restaurant experience, it can only help you in the years to come with your franchise.

Overall, buying a sandwich business for sale may sound like a dream career for you, but the hardships you could face as an independent business owner could make that dream shatter. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, you know you are investing in something that has many tools and resources that could help you see success in the restaurant industry with plenty of help along the way. With a sandwich franchise, you have the potential to see your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

If you want more information about a Jon Smith Subs sandwich business for sale, contact us today!

7 Myths of Investing in a Fast-Casual Food Franchise

Fresh Subs, Fresh Opportunity: Open a Sandwich Shop

It is an entrepreneurial dream to open a sandwich shop, especially one that has the freshest ingredients and brings something new to the restaurant industry. What many aspiring business owners don’t know or realise is just how hard it can be to open a sandwich shop when there are sub franchises to compete with. Sub franchises like Jon Smith Subs are unique because they essentially allow a franchisee to own a sandwich shop while they have a strong and respectable brand behind them that customers know. Here are some of the reasons why you should own a sandwich shop through a franchising opportunity as opposed to starting one from scratch.

Open a Sub Shop

A Franchise Has a Proven Business Model

When you open a sandwich shop on your own, you have to start everything from square one. This can be very costly and time-consuming, but in order to see any success in the industry, it must be done. With a franchise, the hard part of establishing a business model is already taken care of through years of experience from the brand. Franchises like Jon Smith Subs have developed and perfected their model, so every franchise has a great opportunity for success under an established name. In addition to the business model, each franchisee knows how much the cost will be to open a sandwich shop right from the beginning. We’ve clearly broken down our investment costs, helping our franchisees to anticipate what they’ll need to purchase and plan for. We’ve covered everything you need to open your own sandwich shop from the training to the supplies, and even marketing to help spread the word about your new shop!


Do You Have Restaurant Experience? Yes or No, it’s Not a Problem.

In order to be successful with your own sub shop, you need to have a lot of experience in the industry to understand every aspect of your business and have any chance of being successful. However, with a sub franchise, the training and support offered from the brand can help anyone with a willingness and dedication to their sub franchise, as well as a general understanding of business principles. In addition to in-person training at the headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jon Smith Subs even has a resource library full of materials for future franchisees to do additional research and learn more about owning their own sandwich franchise.


Training and Support

If you are opening your own sandwich shop, there is no brand behind you to support you and help you in the event that any problems arise. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, there is initial training before you even walk into your store to make sure you understand the industry and many other parts of day-to-day operations. Jon Smith Subs wants you to feel confident in your business when you open. Even after the initial training, Jon Smith Subs offers ongoing support to help franchisees with any problems that may arise while they are operating their franchise.

Customers Love Consistency

Customers choose Jon Smith Subs franchises over small sandwich shops because they know exactly what is on the menu no matter where they go. It’s a risk to stray away from a brand that you trust, and when it comes to quality and fresh subs, customers know they can trust Jon Smith Subs. Investing in a brand to open a sandwich shop  (which means operating under the brand name and the business model, and utilizing the menu, the products, the training, and the support) may have a beneficial effect when it comes to customer retention and growth.

How Can You Open a Sandwich Shop Through Franchising?

Jon Smith Subs franchises are dedicated to having the some of the best sub franchises in Australia and even worldwide, delivering fresh and quality subs to every territory they serve. With a strong brand that provides countless resources and support behind you, the likelihood of being successful is much more probable than if you were to open a sandwich shop on your own.

For more information about how you can open a sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs, visit our website!

Get a Piece of the Sub and Become a Part of a Growing and Thriving Industry

Starting your own sandwich shop is a great way to break into a growing industry. Did you know that restaurants like Jon Smith Subs are more popular than ever? Australians are prioritizing their health now more than ever, and Jon Smith Subs’ emphasis on quality, hand-marinated meats, and freshly-chopped vegetables, fit with the current dietary trends of many Australians. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own sandwich shop, there’s never been a better time to invest.

A Great Landscape for Investors

Did you know that the restaurant industry is estimated to be worth over $782 billion? Furthermore, the takeaway restaurant business in Australia is steadily growing. Australians love the convenience of being able to access delicious and hearty meals quickly and for a fair price. Jon Smith Subs is well-positioned to thrive in this marketplace. Our sandwiches are made-to-order with top-quality meats marinated for hours in our stores. Australians love our large portion sizes that make us the ideal location for a lunch or dinner break. As you can see, Jon Smith Subs is a great brand to align yourself with if you’re looking to break into Australia’s thriving restaurant industry.

starting your own sandwich shop jon smith subs

The Expertise to Make the Most of Your Investment

Many potential franchisees aren’t sure if they’d like to start an independent sandwich shop or go with a franchise brand. It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is highly competitive, and a few wrong moves can cost business owners serious time, money, and resources. Starting your own sandwich franchise with a brand like Jon Smith Subs is a great way to avoid many of the pitfalls that independent business owners encounter. When you franchise with Jon Smith Subs you can count on us to help you make carefully measured and calculated decisions. For instance, we’ll help you to identify the right location for your new sandwich shop. You can also count on us to provide you with the time-tested policies and procedures we’ve developed that keep Jon Smith Subs restaurants running smoothly every day.

Targeted Marketing Support

Another reason that starting your own sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs is a better investment than  starting one alone is the marketing support you can count on. Our team of marketing experts are constantly analyzing new data and industry trends to offer our customers just what they’re looking for. Not only do we utilize this data by helping our franchisees keep their menus updated with exciting new offerings, we also use it to help them deploy targeted marketing campaigns. With our help you’ll effectively spread the word about your business before and after you open. With our corporate know-how, our cache of marketing materials, and our constantly updated research, we’ll help take  as much of the stress out of marketing your restaurant as we can.

These are just a few reasons that starting your own sandwich franchise with Jon Smith Subs is a  great way to break into the restaurant industry. Contact us today to learn more information about becoming a franchisee.

What Does It Mean to Work for Yourself but Not by Yourself?

Opening a sandwich franchise is a great way to enjoy more career and personal freedom. If you’ve been working a corporate job, chances are you’re tired of punching a clock and doing things on someone else’s schedule. When you invest in a Jon Smith Subs franchise you’ll get the satisfaction of working for your own benefit. However, working for yourself doesn’t mean you’re working by yourself. One of the key advantages of investing in a franchise is that you can count on a corporate team to support you in a number of ways.

Opening Support

Opening a sandwich shop is an exciting prospect, but getting to the point where you’re ready to open can be a long and difficult process. Independent business owners invest immeasurable resources finding the right location, developing relationships with suppliers, and finding new employees. When you franchise with Jon Smith Subs you can count on us to help out with these and any other concerns you have about getting your franchise off the ground. We’ll use our demographic research to help you identify just the right location to appeal to target consumers in your area. We’ll introduce you to our trusted vendors and will help you to develop a marketing campaign to spread the word about your new business.

opening a sandwich shop jon smith subs

A Well-Established Brand

Another way Jon Smith Subs franchisees benefit from collaborating with us is by taking advantage of our strong brand name. It can take independent entrepreneurs years to develop a solid reputation, but Jon Smith Subs has been in  business for years and has established a strong customer base worldwide, making it easier for our franchisees to attract a following based on our good reputation. Taking advantage of our well-established brand name is just one more way that opening a sandwich shop is easier with Jon Smith Subs.

The Training You Need to Thrive

One thing that discourages entrepreneurs from opening a sandwich shop is a lack of experience in the industry. Even experienced sandwich shop managers are often hesitant to open their own restaurant because they’re not sure they have the qualifications to keep things running smoothly. Jon Smith Subs is there to support our franchisees by providing them with comprehensive training to teach them everything they need to know about running one of our restaurants. You’ll spend time at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. There, we’ll teach you how to do everything from prepare our famous sandwiches to manage your books. While independent business owners rely on past experience, trial and error, and their own know-how to learn to manage their sandwich shops, our franchisees can count on us to give them the knowledge and skills they need to keep their business running smoothly.

Opening a sandwich franchise with Jon Smith Subs is a great way to enjoy the perks of working for yourself without the hassles and uncertainties that go along with working by yourself. Contact us today to learn more about how we support our franchisees.

7 Myths of Investing in a Fast-Casual Food Franchise

Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Sandwich Shop

Starting a sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs is a great way to break into a booming industry. Jon Smith Subs has been delighting American diners for years, and now we’re ready to take our exciting business model abroad to Australia. This is a great opportunity for Australian entrepreneurs to start their own sandwich restaurant with the guidance and expertise of a well-established brand.

#1. What kind of experience do I need?

There is no one skillset that we look for in a Jon Smith Subs franchisee. Our franchise partners come from a variety of backgrounds, from corporate sales to small business ownership. Many of our prospective franchisees wonder if restaurant experience is a must, but even that isn’t a requirement. We’ve developed a comprehensive training program that’s designed to teach you the skills you need to manage one of our restaurants no matter what background you come from. Our team of experts will work hand-in-hand with you to teach you how to do everything from prepare our famous marinades to managing employee schedules. If you’re dedicated to growing your business, you already possess one of the most important qualifications to being a Jon Smith Subs franchisee.

starting a sandwich shop jon smith subs

#2. What sorts of support will I receive?

One of the benefits of starting a sandwich shop with a franchise brand like Jon Smith Subs is that you can count on receiving plenty of support from our team. Independent business owners invest immeasurable time and resources into getting their business started. While you should be prepared to invest time and money into your new business, Jon Smith Subs provides support in a number of areas. We’ll be there to guide you as you get your restaurant established, helping you with everything from finding a location to purchasing the right furniture. We’ve developed software that makes it easier than ever for you to manage bookkeeping, inventory, and more. We even provide marketing support, helping you to spread the word about your new business.

#3. Why Jon Smith Subs?

There are many areas in which we stand out from the competition, but one of the most significant is our commitment to quality. Our sandwiches are made from meats marinated for hours right in our own stores. We offer only freshly-baked breads and the highest-quality veggies prepared in-store every day. Our generous portion sizes and famous fries have been delighting American diners for years and will tickle the taste buds whether you’re in Sydney or Perth.

These are only some of the questions we’re often asked by prospective franchisees. To learn more about starting a sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs, contact us today!

The Process of Starting a Sandwich Business

If you’re considering starting a sandwich business with Jon Smith Subs, know that you’re in good hands. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the process of starting your new business is as simple as possible, even with little background knowledge in our field. In this entry, we’ll review a few important steps in the process of getting your sandwich business up and running.

Reach Out to Us

If you’ve explored our website, you’ve likely noticed the contact form that allows you to share your information with us. Fill out this form to indicate your interest in starting a sandwich business, and we’ll reach out to you to set up a time to talk. This initial conversation will give us the chance to get to know each other, and learn more about our mutual goals and expectations. If our goals are in sync, we’ll move forward to the next stages.

starting a sandwich shop business jon smith subs

Review the Disclosure Document and Financial Checks

If everything is going well, you’ll have the chance to review our disclosure document while we conduct a background check to evaluate your financial standing. It’s important that our franchisees are able to manage the investment required in starting a sandwich business, so we’ll do a review of your financials. The disclosure document lays out everything you’ll need to know about our business. Most importantly, what is expected of you as the franchisee, and what you can expect from us as the franchisor. Important information such as details on your franchise fee, estimated investment, and royalty payments will be included. If everything is agreeable, you’ll sign the franchise agreement, pay your franchise fee, and we can get started on the next steps!

Training and Support

The next steps are arguably the most exciting,  as they represent things really getting started. We’ll support you by helping you find the perfect location, negotiate a lease, start a marketing campaign, and more. You’ll also take part in a comprehensive training programme at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, in the United  States. We’ll also send an expert right to your location to help you implement everything you’ve learned! With training and support like this, getting your doors open for business is as hassle-free as possible.

These are just a few of the important steps in the process of starting a sandwich business with Jon Smith Subs. To learn more about the process, contact us today to get the ball rolling!