Why Choose Jon Smith Subs? Here Are 3 Great Reasons

If you’ve been looking through the many sub shop franchise options, you already know that Jon Smith Subs is a strong contender. We believe that our beloved menu along with the many resources we offer our franchisees sets us apart as a great investment option. Here are a few key reasons to invest with us.

Top-Notch Training and Support

One of the best parts of franchising with Jon Smith Subs is the top-notch training and support you can look forward to. While other sub franchises might be content to give their franchisees a manual and let them go it alone, Jon Smith Subs is committed to supporting our franchisees every step of the way. We are proud to be a part of the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of brands, a corporation that has plenty of experience getting new franchise locations up and running. With their help,  we’ve developed a strong training program that combines in-class learning with hands-on practice in order to teach our franchisees everything they need to know about running a Jon Smith Subs restaurant. Best of all, you’ll continue to receive ongoing support once your business is up and running, helping you operate your business with confidence.

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A Beloved Brand

Jon Smith Subs has been  delighting customers in the United States for years. They know that our product stands apart from other sub franchises because of our dedication to quality. Fresh chopped vegetables, bread baked daily, and meats marinated in-store are just a few of the ways customers can taste the quality of our product. With a menu like ours, you’ll be able to rest easy with the knowledge that you’re offering your customers the best of the best.

A Turnkey Investment

We are so confident that your investment will get you just about everything you’ll need to open your doors that we call it a “turnkey investment.” While other sub franchises don’t take into account expenses beyond their franchise fee, we’re proud to have developed a comprehensive breakdown of what our franchisees will  need to open their business, helping them more accurately assess how much they’ll need to invest in their sub shop.

These are just three reasons that Jon Smith Subs stands out from other sub franchises. Contact us today to learn more about how we support our franchisees!

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What Makes a Good Sub Franchise Location?

Opening a sub franchise with Jon Smith Subs is an exciting way to jump into a new career in a booming industry. But to really set yourself up for success, you’ll need to address several factors — including finding just the right location. In this entry, we’ll share a few tips on what we look for to identify the perfect locations for our franchisees. As you read, think about places in your area that fit the bill. And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about what goes into this process.


It’s important to open up shop in an area that is rich in potential customers. At Jon Smith Subs, we help our franchisees analyze demographic data in order to assess the potential customers in their area. A number of factors can come into play, including age and income for example, but the bottom line is: How many people in your area are hungry for Jon Smith Subs? Keep this in mind as you scout locations.

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It’s important to choose a centrally-located space for your sub franchise that is easily accessible by your customers. Locations that are near transit hubs, shopping centers, car parks, universities, and so forth are great options because of the heavy foot traffic.

Build-Out Potential

A valuable part of the support we offer Jon Smith Subs franchisees is assistance selecting a location, and building it out. This means that we’ll help get your interior ready for business by arranging tables and chairs, setting up the kitchen area, and more. The space you select doesn’t need to be restaurant-ready, but it should be suitable for a comfortable fast-casual restaurant atmosphere.

A Great Lease Agreement

Another important benefit of franchising with Jon Smith Subs is that we help our franchisees negotiate the best available lease agreement. It’s important to find a location that meets your financial needs so that you can enjoy as much of your profits as possible. As you scope out locations in your area, take note of the different monthly costs and keep them in mind.

These are just a few qualities to look for in a potential Jon Smith sub franchise location. Contact us today to learn more about how we support our franchisees throughout the process of finding a location!


4 Things You Should Know About Our Turnkey Investment

If you’ve been looking into the different sub franchises investors have to choose from, chances are you’ve been doing your research on what is included in your investment. At Jon Smith Subs, we believe that our investment is so comprehensive, it’s truly a turnkey business. This means that just about everything you’ll need to get your business up and running is included. In this entry, we’ll take a closer look at what is included when you invest in one of our sub franchises.

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Location, Location, Location

One of the most important parts of your investment is the lease to your new restaurant location. At Jon Smith Subs, we understand how important it is to choose just the right spot for your new business. That’s why our experts will not only help you to select a location based on our research, we will also help you to negotiate your lease, making sure you get the best possible deal.

Valuable Training

Another important component of your investment is taking part in our training programme. You’ll spend time at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida in the United States to learn the ins and outs of our business model. We’ll cover everything from how to marinate our meats to how to manage your employees. Best of all, one of our experts will join you right in your store to help you apply what you’ve learned. When it comes to our training programme, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.


Other sub franchises leave their franchisees to fend for themselves when it comes to marketing. At Jon Smith Subs, we understand that marketing is one of the most important ways to help new franchises build a customer base, which is why marketing assistance is an important part of the support we provide to our franchisees. Why go it alone when you can take advantage of our extensive marketing expertise?

Inventory and Décor

How can you get your doors open without a menu to sell and places for your customers to sit? As part of your initial investment, we’ve even estimated the costs of these critical considerations. Best of all, our experts can help you with the build-out of our location, making sure you’ve designed your interior in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

These are just a few of the key considerations that are included in your initial investment with Jon Smith Subs sub franchises. Contact us today to learn more about what’s included in your investment.

Interested in Franchising but Not Sure What to Expect? We’re Here to Help!

Running a Jon Smith Subs sandwich shop franchise location is a great way to start a new career. If you’re interested in franchising with us but would like to learn more about the process, check out this entry!

What Kind of Experience is Necessary?

One of the best parts about franchising with Jon Smith Subs is that our sandwich shop franchise locations require little prior experience in the industry to run. When you become a franchisee, you’ll take part in a comprehensive training programme that teaches you the ins and outs of how to prepare our menu, manage your operations, and more! Even better, you’ll enjoy startup and ongoing support from us as you continue to build your business. A passion for doing a great job, learning the ropes, and building a strong customer base is one of the most valuable qualities our franchisees can possess.

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What Does My Initial Investment Cover?

Another exciting aspect of opening a Jon Smith Subs sandwich shop franchise is that our initial investment will cover just about everything you’ll need to get your business up and running. We’ve been helping franchisees set up new restaurants for years, and in that time we’ve learned exactly what is needed in order to start a new Jon Smith Subs location. While unexpected costs are always a risk in opening any new business, we’ve accounted for everything from your lease, to your signage, to your inventory in your initial investment.

What Makes Jon Smith Subs Special?

Jon Smith Subs has been delighting customers since 1988. With a business built on principles of high-quality fresh food and a comfortable dining experience, our brand has thrived in the United States. With years of experience, we understand what it takes to grow one of our franchise locations, and are dedicated to helping our franchisees get the most out of their investment. Furthermore, we’re part of the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of brands. UFG is a global leader in franchising, representing a number of franchise companies. With the power of their expertise behind us, we’re able to offer our franchisees top-of-the-line training and support based on comprehensive research and development.

This is just an introduction to the process of opening your own sandwich shop franchise with Jon Smith Subs. Contact us today to learn even more about the ways we support our franchisees!

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Quality Ingredients. A Fresh Opportunity. Jon Smith Subs Franchising.

Jon Smith Subs franchise locations have been delighting our customers in the United States for years while giving out franchisees the chance to create meaningful new careers. We’re excited about our expansion to Australia, and are looking forward to offering the same high-quality menu that made us famous stateside. If you’re an entrepreneur in Australia looking for a new business venture, opening one of our restaurants may be just the fresh investment you’ve been looking for.

A Reputation Built on Quality

Jon Smith Subs has built our reputation on the high-quality sandwiches we serve. We believe that our customers should get more for their money, which is why our large portion sizes, freshly-chopped vegetables, and lovingly-marinated meats are the cornerstone of our business model. Furthermore, we strive to make the customer experience at our restaurants every bit as delightful as our menu, with orders brought right to their tables and a meticulously clean atmosphere. Our Jon Smith Subs franchise owners love that they have the opportunity to sell a product they can be proud of.

The Opportunity for Franchisees

Jon Smith Subs takes our commitment to our franchisees seriously, and we help them make the most of their investment in several ways. When franchisees come onboard, they take part in an intensive training programme at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. This training offers them the knowledge they’ll need to prepare our menu, keep their operations simple, manage employees, and more. Furthermore, they’ll enjoy on-site training right in their location, helping them apply the strategies they learned in the restaurant they’ll be running themselves.

We also strive to offer franchisees startup and ongoing support, making it as hassle-free as possible to get their restaurant started off strong. Assistance with location scouting, lease negotiation, marketing, ongoing training, and more are just a few of the supports we have in place to help our franchisees as they open their business and beyond.

Finally, we believe that our strong reputation translates into valuable brand recognition for our franchisees. While Jon Smith Subs is new to Australia, our brand is well-documented online, and simple google searches reveal our legacy of quality and customer satisfaction. Our experience in the industry is sure to be an asset to our franchisees.

Opening a Jon Smith Subs franchise is a great opportunity to bring a well-established brand to the Australian market. Contact us today to learn more!