It is an entrepreneurial dream to open a sandwich shop, especially one that has the freshest ingredients and brings something new to the restaurant industry. What many aspiring business owners don’t know or realise is just how hard it can be to open a sandwich shop when there are sub franchises to compete with. Sub franchises like Jon Smith Subs are unique because they essentially allow a franchisee to own a sandwich shop while they have a strong and respectable brand behind them that customers know. Here are some of the reasons why you should own a sandwich shop through a franchising opportunity as opposed to starting one from scratch.

Open a Sub Shop

A Franchise Has a Proven Business Model

When you open a sandwich shop on your own, you have to start everything from square one. This can be very costly and time-consuming, but in order to see any success in the industry, it must be done. With a franchise, the hard part of establishing a business model is already taken care of through years of experience from the brand. Franchises like Jon Smith Subs have developed and perfected their model, so every franchise has a great opportunity for success under an established name. In addition to the business model, each franchisee knows how much the cost will be to open a sandwich shop right from the beginning. We’ve clearly broken down our investment costs, helping our franchisees to anticipate what they’ll need to purchase and plan for. We’ve covered everything you need to open your own sandwich shop from the training to the supplies, and even marketing to help spread the word about your new shop!


Do You Have Restaurant Experience? Yes or No, it’s Not a Problem.

In order to be successful with your own sub shop, you need to have a lot of experience in the industry to understand every aspect of your business and have any chance of being successful. However, with a sub franchise, the training and support offered from the brand can help anyone with a willingness and dedication to their sub franchise, as well as a general understanding of business principles. In addition to in-person training at the headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jon Smith Subs even has a resource library full of materials for future franchisees to do additional research and learn more about owning their own sandwich franchise.


Training and Support

If you are opening your own sandwich shop, there is no brand behind you to support you and help you in the event that any problems arise. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, there is initial training before you even walk into your store to make sure you understand the industry and many other parts of day-to-day operations. Jon Smith Subs wants you to feel confident in your business when you open. Even after the initial training, Jon Smith Subs offers ongoing support to help franchisees with any problems that may arise while they are operating their franchise.

Customers Love Consistency

Customers choose Jon Smith Subs franchises over small sandwich shops because they know exactly what is on the menu no matter where they go. It’s a risk to stray away from a brand that you trust, and when it comes to quality and fresh subs, customers know they can trust Jon Smith Subs. Investing in a brand to open a sandwich shop  (which means operating under the brand name and the business model, and utilizing the menu, the products, the training, and the support) may have a beneficial effect when it comes to customer retention and growth.

How Can You Open a Sandwich Shop Through Franchising?

Jon Smith Subs franchises are dedicated to having the some of the best sub franchises in Australia and even worldwide, delivering fresh and quality subs to every territory they serve. With a strong brand that provides countless resources and support behind you, the likelihood of being successful is much more probable than if you were to open a sandwich shop on your own.

For more information about how you can open a sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs, visit our website!