Starting your own sandwich shop is a great way to break into a growing industry. Did you know that restaurants like Jon Smith Subs are more popular than ever? Australians are prioritizing their health now more than ever, and Jon Smith Subs’ emphasis on quality, hand-marinated meats, and freshly-chopped vegetables, fit with the current dietary trends of many Australians. If you’ve been thinking of starting your own sandwich shop, there’s never been a better time to invest.

A Great Landscape for Investors

Did you know that the restaurant industry is estimated to be worth over $782 billion? Furthermore, the takeaway restaurant business in Australia is steadily growing. Australians love the convenience of being able to access delicious and hearty meals quickly and for a fair price. Jon Smith Subs is well-positioned to thrive in this marketplace. Our sandwiches are made-to-order with top-quality meats marinated for hours in our stores. Australians love our large portion sizes that make us the ideal location for a lunch or dinner break. As you can see, Jon Smith Subs is a great brand to align yourself with if you’re looking to break into Australia’s thriving restaurant industry.

starting your own sandwich shop jon smith subs

The Expertise to Make the Most of Your Investment

Many potential franchisees aren’t sure if they’d like to start an independent sandwich shop or go with a franchise brand. It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is highly competitive, and a few wrong moves can cost business owners serious time, money, and resources. Starting your own sandwich franchise with a brand like Jon Smith Subs is a great way to avoid many of the pitfalls that independent business owners encounter. When you franchise with Jon Smith Subs you can count on us to help you make carefully measured and calculated decisions. For instance, we’ll help you to identify the right location for your new sandwich shop. You can also count on us to provide you with the time-tested policies and procedures we’ve developed that keep Jon Smith Subs restaurants running smoothly every day.

Targeted Marketing Support

Another reason that starting your own sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs is a better investment than  starting one alone is the marketing support you can count on. Our team of marketing experts are constantly analyzing new data and industry trends to offer our customers just what they’re looking for. Not only do we utilize this data by helping our franchisees keep their menus updated with exciting new offerings, we also use it to help them deploy targeted marketing campaigns. With our help you’ll effectively spread the word about your business before and after you open. With our corporate know-how, our cache of marketing materials, and our constantly updated research, we’ll help take  as much of the stress out of marketing your restaurant as we can.

These are just a few reasons that starting your own sandwich franchise with Jon Smith Subs is a  great way to break into the restaurant industry. Contact us today to learn more information about becoming a franchisee.