If you’re considering starting a sandwich business with Jon Smith Subs, know that you’re in good hands. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the process of starting your new business is as simple as possible, even with little background knowledge in our field. In this entry, we’ll review a few important steps in the process of getting your sandwich business up and running.

Reach Out to Us

If you’ve explored our website, you’ve likely noticed the contact form that allows you to share your information with us. Fill out this form to indicate your interest in starting a sandwich business, and we’ll reach out to you to set up a time to talk. This initial conversation will give us the chance to get to know each other, and learn more about our mutual goals and expectations. If our goals are in sync, we’ll move forward to the next stages.

starting a sandwich shop business jon smith subs

Review the Disclosure Document and Financial Checks

If everything is going well, you’ll have the chance to review our disclosure document while we conduct a background check to evaluate your financial standing. It’s important that our franchisees are able to manage the investment required in starting a sandwich business, so we’ll do a review of your financials. The disclosure document lays out everything you’ll need to know about our business. Most importantly, what is expected of you as the franchisee, and what you can expect from us as the franchisor. Important information such as details on your franchise fee, estimated investment, and royalty payments will be included. If everything is agreeable, you’ll sign the franchise agreement, pay your franchise fee, and we can get started on the next steps!

Training and Support

The next steps are arguably the most exciting,  as they represent things really getting started. We’ll support you by helping you find the perfect location, negotiate a lease, start a marketing campaign, and more. You’ll also take part in a comprehensive training programme at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, in the United  States. We’ll also send an expert right to your location to help you implement everything you’ve learned! With training and support like this, getting your doors open for business is as hassle-free as possible.

These are just a few of the important steps in the process of starting a sandwich business with Jon Smith Subs. To learn more about the process, contact us today to get the ball rolling!