Opening Your Own Sandwich Shop Is Easy with the Right Brand

The Jon Smith Subs franchise opportunity is fully immersed in the fast-casual niche market, ranking alongside the leading industry forces in the subs franchise category.

But we are so much more than just a sandwich shop. What makes us stand out? Why do our customers love us? How is opening your own sandwich shop going to work for you?

For starters, quality and value are at the core of everything we do. We aren’t just your typical sandwich shop. Your customers won’t find frozen ingredients or week-old bread in our kitchens. We make every meal fresh when the customer orders it and serve it right to their table for that extra special Jon Smith Subs touch.

You can go anywhere for a sandwich. But Jon Smith Subs offers something unique and gourmet. As soon as your customers walk in the door they know they will be coming back again and again.

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Franchise Opportunity

With our 30-year brand history, we have the experience to know how best to give our customers what they want. Even better, we have the backing of franchising authority United Franchise Group, whose 30 years of experience supporting franchise brands is just what you need to get your franchise off the ground.

Opening your own sandwich shop doesn’t have to be a big mystery. Choose a brand and a franchise system that know what they’re doing, and you’ll be in good hands.

Industry Outlook

The restaurant industry is worth billions worldwide, and consumers are showing no sign of slowing down. Jon Smith Subs fits neatly into the fast-casual sector of the industry, which is perhaps what customers like most. Fast casual means freshly-made food, quality ingredients, and more attention to detail than fast food, without the expensive price tag of a sit-down restaurant.

Fast-casual dining used to be a niche in the restaurant market. Not anymore! Since 1999, fast casual concepts have grown by over 500%, a level of growth that is unparalleled elsewhere.

Consider the Numbers

Per IBIS World, a leading industry researcher, there are some fascinating numbers surrounding our industry.

  • Consumers spent $21 billion at sandwich and sub shops in 2016 alone
  • The sandwich and sub industry has grown 2.8% each year for the past five years
  • Fast food spending reached $245 billion last year
  • Chain restaurants raked in $112 billion in just one year
  • For the past five years, chain restaurants have grown by an average of 3.7% each year
  • The restaurant industry as a whole earned $762 billion in 2016 and was projected to reach $799 billion in 2017

The proof is in the numbers. Consumers like to eat out, they like good food with better ingredients, and Jon Smith Subs is here to give that to them. We are a favorite fast-casual restaurant and we have been for 30 years. The time to invest in our ground-floor franchise opportunity is now.

Your search for the perfect subs franchise is over.

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