Who is Jon Smith Subs’ Competition?

In order to successfully determine the best place to open your sub shop franchise and the best way to market your business, you need to learn what other sandwich shops you will be competing against.

What other fast food or sandwich restaurants are already open in the area you are considering? Will you be competing for the same customers, or do they cater to a different clientele? How will you set yourself apart in the market? Know your surroundings to answer these questions.

Other Sub Shop Franchises

As of right now, the only major sub shop franchise chain in Australia is Subway. But it’s not just big name franchise brands you need to watch out for. Small, local shops are also competing with Jon Smith Subs for customers, so be aware of who else is in your area.

As you are assessing your competition, make sure to look at the menu items, specials, and other products they offer their customers. In researching your competition, you will quickly see that Jon Smith Subs is unique in the industry, from our menu to our support.

The Jon Smith Subs Advantage

Even if there are other sandwich restaurants in your market, that is certainly not a reason to pass up the Jon Smith Subs franchise opportunity. Simply put, there is no other restaurant like us!

Our menu is completely unique in the industry. While other brands like Subway focus on cold cuts and frozen vegetables, Jon Smith Subs uses delicious grilled meats and fresh ingredients. Each sandwich is made fresh to order, with chicken or steak sliced, seasoned, and grilled right before your customers’ eyes. Compare this to other sub shops that use a microwave to warm up pre-cooked meat and you can see how the competition doesn’t stand a chance against us.

As a tasty complement to our high quality, overstuffed grilled sirloin and real chicken breast subs, we offer French fries cooked to order – something virtually no other sub shop does. Our famous fries are a customer favorite, in addition to our large-portion salads, deli subs (yes, you can still offer classic turkey, tuna, roast beef, and ham to your customers), and grilled specialties like the Reuben or hot pastrami.

Finally, we have an exclusive partnership with United Franchise Group, who will assist in your location search. Additionally, through UFG, you’ll have access to tried and true marketing practices, but you must do your due diligence and research what other businesses your sub shop franchise may be competing with for customers.

Investing in a Jon Smith Subs franchise is a great opportunity to bring unique, amazing food to your market. Request more info to get started.

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