A Recipe for Success

The Jon Smith Subs freshness story started back in 1988 when Jon Smith purchased two sandwich shops. Jon introduced a handful of changes that revitalised the brand and transformed those two shops into the very first Jon Smith Subs locations. These changes included menu updates, pricing changes, and operational adjustments that won over customers and showed that the Jon Smith Subs brand was here to stay.

Within a short time, Jon added a new prototype to the business. Here he learned that the more sandwich shops he built, the more his brand grew.

Fast forward to the present. Jon Smith Subs restaurants are all over Palm Beach County, Florida. Even better, people in the area associate the Jon Smith Subs name with fresh, mouth-watering sandwiches, a casual atmosphere, and outstanding customer service.

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A Blended Franchise Family

After his stunning success with his sandwich shop on a local level, Jon Smith was ready to join the global franchise giant, United Franchise Group, to expand his brand. UFG’s several brands have over 1,400 franchise locations in 80 countries around the world, so they are the experts in international franchise growth.

CEO Ray Titus is one of the most highly-regarded leaders in the franchise industry. After starting the company in 1986 with just one brand, he has grown the UFG system to be one of most powerful forces in franchising worldwide.

With the help and experience of UFG, Jon Smith Subs is excited to see our international presence continue to grow.

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